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Party Tips and Information


Party Size
We do not limit the number of children at our parties. However the ideal number of children recommended is 8-12 children. We can do our program for up to 30 kids and with more than 15 children we may drop some elements. For your child’s maximum enjoyment and to make their birthday memorable and special it is advisable to try to keep the numbers of children to 15 or less. Depending on the options you choose, there may be an additional charge for larger parties (ie. for a craft).


Party Length
We recommend a two to three hour party where the children arrive ½ hour before the character. The character arrives and completely entertains the children for one to two hours depending on the package of your choice, The parent or guardian has to do nothing during this time. When the character leaves the cake can be served and the presents taken care of, then it is time to hand out loot bags and thank everyone for coming!

Space required
We can do the party in an apartment, a large hall, restaurant, the park, indoor playground or your home. If you give the character a lot of room they will spread out and use it if you have a small area they will get cozy and use that area.

Grand Entrance
For the maximum impact it is best to have the children sitting in a semi circle in the room where the character will perform so they can make a grand entrance! If the children meet them at the door if she is changing out of her coat and boots and bringing in her party supplies it takes away from the impact of her entrance.

Once the character is ready to leave and has said their goodbyes it is best to leave the children to their cake or to have them stay in the party room so they do not see them drive off (Spiderman can't drive in a mask :) ). Please have the payment prepared in cash in an envelope. Tips are very much appreciated but not required.


Boys at princess parties

We find that boys usually enjoy our parties just as much as the girls! Please inform us if any boys will be at the party as we may bring slightly different supplies for them!



The princess or character will come prepared with music, a wireless speaker and all of her items for the activities. You just need to prepare a space! It is recommend if you are choosing manicures as one of your options to have a table covered with a table cloth as sometimes little princesses get very excited around the princess!


Princess Parking 

We do ask that you leave a close parking spot, preferably on the driveway for the princess or character. This is to keep the costumes protected and will assist us in ease of bringing our activity items in. It also helps our superheroes and mascots as nobody wants to work in soggy rain-soaked spandex or fur!


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