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Spa Party Policies


1. A deposit is required to secure your booking within 3 days of us confirming the date is available. We accept credit card, email money transfers or paypal. The balance is due in cash the day of your party. We require 7 days clear notice for cancellation. If you cancel within 7 days the balance is due in full and we will save a credit on file for you to use on ONE mutually convenient date.


2. We assume no responsibility or liability whatsoever caused for accidents or damages before, during, or after your party/spa service.


3. The client hosting the party/spa service should keep all valuables and breakable items from the party venue/venue of spa service.


4. We are not responsible for allergic reaction or any other medical reaction stemming from the spa party package/other packages, any costumes, any food or beverages before, during or after the party/appointment. It is the responsibility of the adult hosting the party/spa service to check and inform our team of any allergy or dietary restrictions of guests before the party.


5. If siblings are joining the party, they count as a guest. 


6. The spa party/spa service requires sink availability and an electrical outlet for the music


7. Because our parties are based on a predetermined schedule, it is important that guests arrive on time. Guests arriving late can participate at the point where the party has progressed


8. The adult hosting the party/spa service is responsible for the behaviour of all party guests. The party/spa service staff is/are responsible for hosting your party/spa service. It is the caregivers responsibility to take charge if a child is not behaving, becomes ill, or does not wish to participate.


9. We reserve the right to cancel any bookings and will provide a full refund (in the extremely rare circumstance of inclement weather or illness).  


10. Charges are based on the confirmed number of guests at the time of booking. At minimum, final guest count is required 14 days prior to the party date.  Should any guests fail to show up on the day of the event, there would be no discount. A full fee is payable based on the confirmed number.


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